Looking for a new exotic breakfast idea? This delicious Arabic breakfast called Masoub is an easy Saudi Arabian banana bread pudding. Finish it off with almonds, raisins, whip cream, honey, and cheddar.

So when was the last time you made a Saudi Arabia dish? I am going to take a chance and guess never. Many recipes are similar to popular Arabic dishes. But Saudi Arabian recipes have their own twist. One unexpected find was this popular Masoub Saudi breakfast recipe, a Saudi Arabia banana breakfast dish. It’s one of the favorite Arabic breakfast recipes out there.

Arabic Breakfast Masoub

About Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a Middle Eastern country that occupies most of the Arabian peninsula and has coastlines on the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. Saudi Arabia contains the holy Muslim city of Mecca. All physically and financially able Muslims are required to make a pilgrimage at least once if possible in a lifetime.

The country has an oil-based economy and it has some of the most restrictive travel policies in the world. But if you get in your list should include the capital of Riyadh, the cities of Jeddah and Medina. Desert excursions, scuba diving in the Red Sea, and camel riding are fun outings. Most activities must be done with a family, and not alone.

Saudi Food Recipes

Saudi Arabian cuisine recipes mostly have remained unchanged for thousands of years. Some of the common foods in Saudi Arabian cooking include wheat, rice, lamb, chicken, yogurt, potatoes, and dates. Saudi recipes and meal include Mandi, Roz Buraki, and Mutabbak. Levantine and Egyptian dishes are common too, like shawarma and falafel.

The Saudi Arabia national food dish is the Kabsa. Lamb or chicken is served with perfumed rice made with strong essence and spices. Most main Saudi dishes are served with a mountain of rice.

Arabic Breakfast maasoob

Saudi Arabian desserts and Arabian sweet dishes abound. And they are normally served with coffee and tea as a snack. Saudi Arabia dessert recipes often contain nuts. There is Arabian baklava, sesame candies, tapioca pudding, and muhallebi. Arabian dessert cookies know as Ma’amoul are popular. Fried dough balls served in honey is a favorite Saudi sweet dish too.

For an after-meal treat, the most common dessert in Saudi Arabia is simply fruit.

What do Saudi Arabians eat for breakfast?

Saudi Arabia breakfast food is varied too with dishes like Areka, and Shakshouka. You may also find a selection of Arabian cheese. Saudi bread which is usually an Arabian flatbread is served with labneh and date jam.

And a very typical breakfast in Saudi Arabia might include the Masoob recipe. By the way, there are several spellings out there for this Saudi Arabia breakfast dish. I have seen ma’soob, ma’soub, maasob, and maasoub.

Arabic coffee beans are roasted with a few cardamom pods, then cooled, and ground. Hosts will brew and serve this coffee in front of the guests. One can find Arabic style tea too.

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Masoub, an Arabic breakfast banana bread pudding

Masoub is one of the easy Saudi Arabian food recipes out there. It is like a banana bread pudding in its simplest form . Mashed over-ripe bananas and some ground-up flatbread are the bases of how to make masoob.

Then add toppings like sliced almonds, raisins, whip cream, honey, and mild cheddar cheese. It sounds weird but the cheese is good!

The masoob Arabic dish is very easy and quick to make. One can make it with a variety of bread too. Try pita or whole wheat slices of bread. Funny enough I made my own flatbread with raspberries, so I used it as part of my masoub ingredients.

I must admit that when I first saw this Masoub Arabian recipe I thought it looked boring but I only read raving reviews online. Well, I am converted, I really love this stuff.

Masoub, Saudi Arabian Banana Breakfast Dish

This delicious Arabic breakfast called Masoub is an easy Saudi Arabian banana bread pudding topped with almonds, raisins, whip cream, honey and cheddar.
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Servings 4 portions


  • 3-4 very ripe bananas
  • 2-3 flatbreads
  • Sliced almonds
  • Golden raisins
  • Whipped cream
  • Honey
  • Shredded mild cheddar optional


  • Peel and mash the bananas with a fork in a bowl. Set aside.
  • Coarsely grind flatbread in a food processor. Mix with the mashed bananas until combined. You want to have about the same volume of banana to bread.
  • Put the mixture into a serving dish and smooth over the top. Top with raisins, almonds, whip cream, honey and grated cheddar. You can heat the masoub in the microwave for 30 seconds if you like.

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Arabic Breakfast masoub

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