Evelyne and Lingling are back with another snack tasting video. This time we tried 12 different Quebec snacks, which is in Canada by the way 😉

Just before I get into the Quebec snacks portion of the post, I wanted to mention I will be taking a 2 week break approximately from blogging. Someone in my immediate family is having a huge operation today. Let’s hope all goes well and I may be needed for help and support. So I am relieving myself of all personal commitments at this time.

Quebec snacks Evelyne and Lingling

Lingling is a Danish girl living in China. As matter of fact that is where I met this YouTuber named Lenaaround. When in Beijing we did a Chinese snack tasting video collaboration…you can see all 4 Chinese snack videos in post blog post right here.

What a pleasant surprise I had when she asked if she could come visit me for a week in Montreal during her North American holiday this summer. So obviously I told her we had to taste Quebec snacks while she was here.

On the menu are several kinds of dried fish, ketchup chips, we will drink two evergreen teas, have 2 cheeses, drink ice cider, eat 2 kinds of chocolate, taste rillettes de canard and have a sip of maple syrup.

I hope you will enjoy this video discover new foods from a little place on earth I call home…and have several moments of laughter 🙂

  • So have ever heard or tried any of these snacks before?
  • Let me know below in the comments which ones you have tried.
  • Which ones would you like to try?
  • And which ones make you cringe in discuss lol?

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