Sleepy Dust Helps You Catch some Zzzzz

WOW! This sugar and salt recipe could be your cure for insomnia! How? Sleepy Dust will deliver the right nutrients which will keep your stress hormones quiet!

It’s the middle of the night and you just woke up for no reason. An hour has passed and you are still awake. You are suffering from a case of insomnia. Want an insomnia cure that can actually work? Taking a small dose of this home remedy sleepy dust recipe made with special sugars and salt just might bring on some much needed zzzz! Yes sugar and salt! Kind of goes against everything you have ever been told right? Keep reading why this mixture actually works!

sleepy dust

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Golden Milk: the Secret to Keeping the Doctor Away

Want an alternative remedy to stay healthy and sleep like a baby? Try a cup of golden milk a day: made from turmeric golden paste, nutmeg, a mineral rich sweetener, and any milk you like.

Do you know what my greatest fear is in January and February? Getting really sick! Since this year I have yet to have succumbed to a real cold or flu I am extra nervous. With a big trip coming up in 3 weeks, I want to do everything in my power to build a strong immune system. That includes a glass of water a day with 1 tablespoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar and a glass of golden milk before bed.

By the way golden milk is also excellent for insomnia! Never heard of golden milk? Keep reading to find out all the wonderful benefits it can bestow on you and get the recipe to make it at home.

golden milk

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Vegan Beauty, Sheet Pans, Sausage …. and a Contest!

I have a stack of cool kitchen books for you once again. And this one covers a large spectrum of interests: from sausage maker, quick sheet pan meals, to mixing all your own vegan beauty products. Plus enter the contest to win one of these kitchen books!

Yes I am mixing meat and vegan beauty recipes together in one swoop, call me crazy, but my interests vary. I have trouble focusing one one subject very long and my mind wanders 🙂 Maybe your interests change a lot too and you are looking to explore new untapped skills! Here are a few suggestions for you to try. Or perhaps these books could become great gift inspirations. After all Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa … they are not really that far away!

I am including not one but two beauty recipes for you to try right now! PLUS win your own copy of the The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty book. Find the details of the contest down below!

Matcha Green Goddess Facial Mask spooned
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Homemade Herbal Tinctures & 2 kitchen reference books

Homemade herbal tinctures are extracts of a plant, nut, bean or fruit. Through maceration, the medicinal benefits take a liquid form. Do you want to spend 75-150$ or get the same thing for 6$?

This is the story of how I woke one day and thought: “let’s save money and make herbal tinctures at home”. I remember being mystified by the idea of placing cucumber slices on your eyes to reduce puffiness as a teen. Then I saw a recipe to make a mask for my face with something like an egg white and honey. After that is was mayonnaise or olive oil as a hair mask. I eagerly ‘devoured’ all these homemade beauty recipes.

As I got older I got more curious about healing myself with natural remedies. I have no issues with taking a prescription pill but I won’t say no to trying a more natural route, as a stand alone treatment or as a complement. A vinegar hair rinse cleared my itchy scalp problem and peppermint essential oil rubbed  on my temple and forehead can clear headaches. My latest big homemade remedy discovery is herbal tinctures.

steeping herbal tinctures

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Golden Milk

Yields 1 cup

Golden Milk

Want an alternative remedy to stay healthy and sleep like a baby? Try a cup of golden milk a day: made from turmeric golden paste, any milk you like, nutmeg and an unrefined sweetener.

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  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric golden paste
  • 1 cup milk (any milk of your choice)
  • 1 teaspoon sucanat, blackstrap molasses or honey
  • a hefty pinch of nutmeg


  1. In a small sauce pan, mix all the ingredients and heat gently without bringing to a boil. Whisk well and enjoy.
  2. You can also add the ingredients to a mug and heat in the microwave for about 1 minute.
Recipe Type: Home Remedy

A Recipe for Good Vision

Permit me to go a little of topic today, but I do have something wonderful to share with you all. Interested in free eye glasses? Read on.

I was recently contacted by to try a free pair of glasses of my choice. Not really food related but who can resist free glasses. I am one of those lucky ones who does not wear prescription eye wear, at least not yet but the big 4-0 is coming soon enough and apparently eyesight goes down hill from there. I have to admit the fine print of some cookbooks is getting a tiny bit tougher to read lately.

But I am always in the market for great sunglasses. I just recently had to say bye-bye to a fabulous pair I bough 13 years ago at a whopping 165$. I loved them, I morn them, I still had a lot of compliments on them. But I had to move on and find something new. My current sunglasses are from the drug store. They are nice, OK made, plastic…nothing special.

On this site you can shop glasses by shape, size, material and frame. Once you choose a pair the site leads you through a series of questions in case your eyeglasses have a prescription or if you want to add custom features. I found the sunglasses section to be a bit limited to my taste for the shape of my face. I wanted to make sure I would be happy with my selection. Thankfully each description offers several pictures from various angles so you have a good idea of what the glasses really look like. Firmoo even goes a step further to ensure you will be happy with your glasses by offering a virtual try-on system. Just upload a picture of yourself and you can ‘try-on’ any glasses on the site so you will know what they will look like on you. Still, I was anxious to get them and see if they would suit me. I spent quite some time checking out the glasses and I finally chose this pair. Here is my customized order:

Women’s full frame wrap-around plastic sunglasses – OTO2545

  • Frame Color : Purple(C3)
  • Spring Hinge : No
  • Glasses is for : Fashion (without prescription, with zero power lens)
  • lens : Wrap-around lenses
  • Add-on : UV Coating (+ $10.00)
  • Tint : Grey 60%

I got my glasses within 2 weeks which is fast considering they were shipped from overseas. I was impressed and very happy with my glasses and everything that came with it. The construction was really top notch. The glasses seem to be made of great quality materials, well-made and seem very solid. They suit me well enough I think. I hesitate now as to which pair I will leave with in the morning. My one complaint is that the purple frame is darker in real than in the pictures online. On the site they look pale violet and the actual glasses are more of a smoky purple.

The glasses were safely tucked into a very sturdy case. Inside the glasses were wrapped in a lens cleaning cloth and bubble wrap. Also included were a soft drawstring pouch and a small tool kit with a tiny screw driver and extra screws. is the world’s most popular online eyeglasses store. They pride themselves in selling only quality products at the most affordable prices. Whether you are looking to make a fashion statement, protect your eyes with sunglasses or goggles, or need to fill out a prescription… your perfect pair of glasses will be amongst their large selection at a great price.

And you can get a pair of glasses for free when you are a new customer. All you have to do is choose a pair with the following link in the description: “New customer? Get your first pair free now”. Once you share their site on a social media successfully, you’ll get a voucher code of an equal value. All you have to pay is the shipping! Now how amazing is that?

Aromatherapy: Sprains and Strains Massage Oil

Have you entered my GIVEAWAY yet which celebrates my 5th Blogiversary? Ends June 22 2012…hurry do it now!

This recipe is not to be consumed, but it will do wonders for your body. I have been dabbling in essential oil mixtures for a few years now, on and off.  I am not a big believer in the mood changing recipes but most of my ‘first aid’ mixes work. A few months back I made a recipe for muscle stiffness, tendons, sore joints and inflammation. If you already have essential oils at home it is way less expensive than buying some muscle pain creams full of chemical products.

This is week 13 following my wrist fracture/displacement and I am heading to my final orthopedic appointment today for final OKs. At this point my bones have set but I still have a lot of pain from damaged tendons and muscle tissue. And the exercises in physiotherapy to gain my mobility back can leave me quite sore too. I am pretty much off the pain killers except for the occasional difficult days. This massage oil has been essential in my pain management therapy. I often apply a drop or two and gently work it into my sore area every couple of hours. It’s instant magic and I often get enough relief as to avoid taking another pain killer.

You can also use it when you are stuffed up and have chest congestion by rubbing a few drops on your chest like our moms did when we were kids with Vicks. Or put a small dab right under your nostrils. Love multipurpose concoctions!

Ξ Sprains and Strains Massage Oil Ξ

Lavender – 4 drops
Peppermint – 4 drops
Tea Tree – 4 drops
Eucalyptus – 3 drops
1 tbsp sweet almond oil (or your favorite carrier oils like avocado, coconut, sunflower, etc)

Mix well in a small bottle. Shake before each use. It is best to use a dark glass bottle or make sure to keep the bottle out of the sun.