Sunday Morning French Toast

I have been craving a good french toast for some time now. I rarely make a big special breakfast on Sundays at home and I do not do brunch out much anymore, usually it was an excuse for a social get together with friends. It just happens that lately with Stef we have been going to breakfast places a bit more lately. I love french toast and I love pancakes. Have you ever noticed not many places will offer a combo dish with both. I find that infuriating lol. Anyways I have been ordering more french toast and I am always disappointed. They are never that good compared to mine.

Enough is enough, I decided to make my own this morning. I made sure all my required ingredients were in house last time I went shopping. This is not my traditional version but a fancied up one I invented on the spot. I hope you will make then and enjoy them as much as I did. Ingredients list is very approxiame, I never measure for this. Also it is a very quick thing to do, 10-15  min about.

Evelyne’s French Toast

1 serving

  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 cup of milk or cream
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • dash of cayenne (yes)
  • 2-4 slices of bread, to use up liquid (I used 3 thin slices of Challah, a jewish egg bread)

Heat a frying pan quite hot and melt in some butter. Whisk together all the ingredients except bread in a flat bowl. Dip bread on both sides in the egg, resting 1 min on each side. Fry one slice at a time in the pan until golden brown. Put cooked french toats on a plate and cover with aluminum foil to keep warm.


  • 5 strawberries
  • a small handful of frozen blueberries
  • 1/4 water
  • 2 tbsp or honey or corn syrup
  • 1 point of a star anise crushed

Once all your french toast are done, use the same pan to make a blueberry syrup. Add everything but the strawberries to the pan set on a med-high heat. Let this boil and cook down to a thin syrupy consistency. In the mean time quarter your strawberries and arrange decoratively in a pile on top of the french toast. When syrup is ready just poor it over the plate and enjoy! Delicious especially with a glass of homemade frappe as you see in the back here.

12 comments to Sunday Morning French Toast

  • Anavar
    That looks seriously good. Delicious.
  • At least once a weekend, Hubby and I make oursleves a great breakfast. Of course French Toast is one of our top 5 for sure. The only difference now is that we bake them instead. Using crusty Italian bread is our secret ;o) Cayenne...hmmm...interesting...may have to add it next time! Now, I'm craving french toast! Ciao for now, Claudia
  • This literally made me salivate. Wow. And that cake ... ouff!
  • Yeah, I cut back on going out for brunch when a I heard a stand-up comic ridicule it: "Who wants to sleep in on a Sunday when you can go out and pay 20 bucks for eggs?". Still, brunch can be a fun luxury, especially with friends. I haven't had French toast much, let alone made it myself, but your version looks scrumptious!
  • Challah french toast is definitely the best kind! This sounds delish!
  • Miss Susan
    I just made french toast for myself and my roomie yesterday morning. One or two major things are different in my recipe - add a dash of salt, a dash of vanilla extract, a dash of all spice and use cracked black pepper instead of cayenne. What I love about the cracked black pepper is that it is like a tiny surprise in the toast - it surprises you when you bite into it and then it fades away slowly with the rest and then it may or may not surprise you later in the meal. ;-) For fun, I would put a sharpe but melty cheese in between the toast slices.
  • These is the kind of french toast I LOVE! I will have to try your version with the cayenne powder. Hope you will feel better soon!
  • That looks wonderful. I love the pile of fruit on top. The dash of cayenne is an interesting touch I will have to try out. :) Hrm....I wish I could find a combo plate with french toast and pancakes...carb heaven take me away!
  • whata great idea for breakfast! Love your version of French toast. All the combinations make a prefect dish. Looks delicious and healthy. My kind of meal. Have a greak week ahead.
  • This looks delicious! I love pancakes and French toast too, but I think mine are better than what you get in a restaurant too! But pancakes and French toast on the same plate? I would have to have a nap right after brunch! That's why I usually order eggs. :)
  • And I missed your pancakes you were doing this morning :-(
  • Stef
    And to think I missed that!! looks sooooo good

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