A Wolf in Tenderloin’s Clothing Pork Tebderloin

I really really really think (I hope) I am on the last leg of this laryngitis. Yes I still have some symptoms. I went to the clinic finally on Friday when I woke up with a terrible sore throat, nasal passage…spare you the details. So it is officially laryngitis, the viral no antibiotics but not contagious kind. I was given a nasal spray with cortisone and steroids. My nose and throat will soon be powerful.

Now one of the MAJOR drawbacks of such an illness is the NO ALCOHOL rule, one I followed as best I could. Yeah alcohol is bad and dehydrates. But I LOVE my booze! OK before I sound like a drunk let me precise I like the occasional wine glass with dinner even on a week night and and drinks can be part of a weekend outing too. And as Murphy’s Law likes to have it, I was recently sent a bottle of Wolf Blass Yellow Label Chardonnay 2009 to try. I stared at it day in and day out for 2 weeks…it was torture.

Not only did I want to be able to truly enjoy and critique this wine fairly but I also wanted to cook something appropriate for its flavors…but I have been too tired to cook lately. Well I had enough yesterday and stuck with a simple yet delicious meal to accompany my long needed pleasurable glass of wine. My simple affair was a lovely pan pork tenderloin served with ready made salad and corn chips.

I have been a fan of Wolf Blass wines for quite sometime. I think the Shiraz was the very first Australian wine I bought year ago. Wolf Blass Wines was established in 1966 by a German immigrant named Wolfgang Blass in South Australia’s Barossa Valley. Today it is owed by Beringer Blass. White wines are sold under the White, Yellow, Green and Gold labels, where as the reds are sold under Red, Yellow, Brown, Grey and Black labels. Yellow Label and Red Label are considered everyday drinking wines.

Chardonnay is what I would call the safest bet for a white wine as it tends to be neutral in flavor compared to some other grapes. Chances are a Chardonnay will please all palates, especially the wine novice. This is not to say there are no complex Chardonnays that will enthrall the connoisseur. Quite the contrary. But this Wolf Blass Yellow Label Chardonnay 2009 is a safe buy. The color is a light yellow-green and the taste has notes of white peaches, melon and nectarines. The oak taste is not overpowering and it leaves a buttery texture in the mouth. It is crisp without being to acidic.

Again this wine is not meant for a major WOW factor but is more of a lovely everyday white wine, in my opinion. I really did enjoy it and would have it regularly for non special occasions. Now what to serve with it? Well this particular Chardonnay goes well with fish, seafood, white meats, spicy Asian dishes, as well as earthy foods like mushrooms and aged cheeses. I chose to go with a pork tenderloin that I marinated and then pan fried. I thought it was a perfect combination. Just marinate for a good  hour and then cook in a pan with a bit of olive oil. I like my pork with a very pink shade personally. Here is the marinade I used, just mix it up and put on the meat:

Wolf in Tenderloin’s Clothing Marinade

1/4 cup olive oil
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp orange juice
2 tbsp Dijon mustard with seeds
2 cloves garlic, minced or grated
1 tsp dried thyme
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper

12 comments to A Wolf in Tenderloin’s Clothing Pork Tebderloin

  • I'm glad you were able to finally enjoy your wine and a tasty dinner to go with it. Get better!
  • I'm glad to see that you are finally getting over this thing! Now, go have another glass of wine to celebrate! That marinade does sound delicious too. :)
  • Thank you all for the good health wishes,last 2 days have been much better. And yes the marinade rules!
  • Hope you feel better soon. I am sick of the winter cold already and can't wait for spring. I don't drink alcohol so I don't know what I am missing :). The dish you made with rthe marinade rally looks great Evelyne! Very creative.
  • 5 Star Foodie
    We are big fans of Wolf Blass wines too and do prefer their shiraz as well. The pork sounds yummy with the marinade! Hope you feel all better very soon!
  • You poor thing! No alcohol .. well, that is my nightmare, lol. Glad you were able to have some wine - this is a really lovely dish to accompany it.
  • hope you feel better :) that marinade would have made some very juicy pork tenderloin. i really like how you served it with salad and nuts... this must have made a hearty meal!
  • I just wanted to tell you that I found sage tea with honey to be very helpful; infusion of sage for 10 minutes (about 20 g.) in one liter of water, add honey or molasses to your taste; a squeeze of lemon if you like. Drink it all day. It releases mucus and is a great colon cleanser. Other than that hope you feel better soon and I love that title and the marinade!!
  • Evelyne, Your tenderloin looks perfect! I've been down with a cold too. I gave up my wine for awhile in hopes I'd get better but I finally gave up on that notion - lol...
  • MarmandeintheKitchen
    Bummer on the no alchohol rule, but the marinade sounds delicious!
  • Liz
    Hope you're feeling 100% very soon! I love pork tenderloin and this marinade sounds super!
  • I'm sold on the marinade you've submerged this lean meat with. Pork tenderloin has become very popular in my menu ;o) I've never tried this wine before...maybe it's due to the fact that I'm more of a Rosé wine drinker and end up using red wine more so for cooking. BTW...my FIL makes amazing red wine...and that one I will savour once and a while ;o) You just can't beat homemade wine! Here's hoping you get much better soon...especially to enjoy your favourites once again. Hugs, Claudia

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