Blogging Break following a Loss

In my last post I mentioned someone in my immediate family was having a huge operation last week. It breaks my heart to write this, things did not go well.

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Danish Girl Tries 12 Quebec snacks and a small blog break

Evelyne and Lingling are back with another snack tasting video. This time we tried 12 different Quebec snacks, which is in Canada by the way 😉

Just before I get into the Quebec snacks portion of the post, I wanted to mention I will be taking a 2 week break approximately from blogging. Someone in my immediate family is having a huge operation today. Let’s hope all goes well and I may be needed for help and support. So I am relieving myself of all personal commitments at this time.

Quebec snacks Evelyne and Lingling

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Invisible Apple Cake – Now You See Them, Now You Don’t!

Why an Invisible Apple Cake you ask? The magic trick comes from the very thinly sliced apples coated with a minimal amount of batter. When the cake is sliced the apple and batter are practically invisible.

If you are looking for the latest trend in baking, this is it! The invisible apple cake, or gâteau invisible aux pommes in French, was the trend in French baking starting last fall. Japan caught on to this fashionable cake pretty fast around February of this year. And it seems that North America is finally in the know. What perfect timing with fall and apple season just starting!

Invisible Apple Cake slice

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Peruvian Quinoa Flan | Crema Volteada de Quinua

Who could resist a sweet milky egg custard that is just dripping with a light caramel sauce? By adding a bit of quinoa one could say this Peruvian Quinoa Flan is healthy too (sorta)!

I have been meaning to tell you one of my craziest travel stories for a while now which happened in Peru … but I just never got around to making a Peruvian recipe. Well a fun food group I just discovered focuses on a country a month and guess what this month is? Peru or course, for which I prepared a Crema Volteada de Quinua, or Peruvian Quinoa Flan for ATW12P.

Peruvian Quinoa Flan

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Styrian Potato Field Salad | Erdäpfel Vogerlsalat

The Styrian potato field salad, or Erdäpfel Vogerlsalat, is the ultimate Austrian salad. The tangy potatoes are topped with field salad, speck and a heavenly dose of Styrian pumpkin seed oil.

I have waited one long full year to post this recipe. I tasted this salad last year during my trip to Austria and totally fell head over heals with the taste. Why did I not post it sooner? Because I wanted to grow one of the main ingredients myself. Read on to find out what came out of my garden and to find out all the wonderful special flavors found in this delicious Potato Field Salad … called Erdäpfel Vogerlsalat in Austria.

Styrian Potato Field Salad pumpkin seed oil

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A Striking Moroccan Corn Chickpea Salad

Chickpeas are a staple of Moroccan cuisine. Find it in dips, tagines and couscous. And chickpeas make for a delicious and hearty salad, like this Moroccan Corn Chickpea Salad.

The Food N’ Flix pick this month was actually a movie I had never heard about. Usualy I always know the movie or have seen it before. So I was really looking forward to watching Secondhand Lions. My recipe inspiration came from the old stories of times past spent in North Africa, probably mostly Morocco. Enjoy a serving of this Moroccan Corn Chickpea Salad as I tell you more about the movie.

Moroccan Corn Chickpea Salad

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Glazed Cherry Matcha Scones: the Perfect Afternoon Treat

With just a touch of matcha and the cherries reminiscent of the beautiful cherry blossoms, these Glazed Cherry Matcha Scones are a true nod to Japanese culture. Enjoy them with a lovely cup of green tea.

Did you know that this week is International Scones Week? There is no shortage of scone recipes out there but I decided to revisit a scone I made in 2010 that I truly enjoyed. But the recipe has been zinged up with the addition of cherries and a little glaze. So help yourself to one of my Glazed Cherry Matcha Scones with your afternoon tea!

one Cherry Matcha Scones

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