A little while back I told you about my summer plan: attempt to grow some cherry tomatoes on my 18th floor balcony. I think the idea started off from a lunch time conversation at work. Someone said if you have a big container you can grow tomatoes. I never even contemplated the idea before.

I live in a high rise building all the way up on the 18th floor. It can be very windy at times and I only have sun towards 3pm. Not an ideal growing condition for anything. Flowers have always been hit or miss. But at $2.50 a cherry tomato plant and a used large cat littler container what did I have to loose. Here is my update:

I got flowers and eventually a got green globes in decent quantity. But they stayed green for so long I thought they would never redden. Here above they are starting to abandon the green phase….FINALLY!

Oh I think we are actually getting somewhere here. Almost there for harvest!

BINGO! We have a ready to be plucked cherry tomato.

Here is my first harvest. I think I may get 30-40 tomatoes out of it only under the less then ideal conditions the plant has to face. And some cherry tomatoes are absolutely tiny – BUT RED. I am calling them Mini cherry tomatoes lol.

Besides a basil plant to help guard off nasty insects I have also employed soldiers to stand guard against the enemy. They work for food and don’t mind rebuilding a new home everyday. yeah I know spiders are gross but its a cool pic – taken with a LARGE zoom.

Happy Harvest everyone