Hello all,

Well I thought I would write a separate post for the taste test of the 5min Chocolate Cake.

So it was really easy to make and mix. I did two slight modifications in the recipe as I had seen suggested somewhere else. I added a pinch of salt and just a little bit of vanilla extract And in 3min it was fully cooked as specified in the recipe. it really took 5 min to make.

BUT its freaking hot once it is out so a cooling down period is a must. There would have been enough for 2 people as well although presentation would have been so so if I spooned the whole thing out. How did it taste? Well not bad. it had more of a boiled pudding cake from English recipes then a cake texture. It was not very sweet nor very chocolaty…it was very eggy. After all that is what makes this cake work anyways…the egg.

If you are in a desperate need of cake NOW then I recommend this cake. If you are having guest…forget it. But I may experiment and perfect the recipe in time.

Hugs and Biscuits