Wow, who would have thought The Daring Kitchen’s last baker’s challenge was going to become such a controversy! I have gotten lots of private and public feedback but the best has been an ongoing email conversation with Claudia, a member of my dinner group. She happens to have Italian blood in her veins.

The controversy is not so much about my cannoli or the recipe, but rather where is the best canolli in town, store bought that is. Here is what she wrote (printed with her permission):

“Saturday supper was spent around my mother-in-laws table with some very ‘pastry opinionated people’.
The favourite place for ‘cannoli’ sparked quite the stir.
Who knew these debates could be just as heated as politics…but wayyyy more amusing.
Some comments got louder than most…who thought the cannoli had to much in ratio of ricotta to cream…were they way too sweet or not enough…should there really be chocolate added…or just left natural…crust just not right…should shell be fried or baked…wow…what a science… the right balance of ingredients seems to make or break that poor little cannoli.

Do you see what you started;)))

My husband and I were keeling over of laughter when we realized how deep rooted peoples’ opinions of food selections really are.

All this to say…better to talk about food vs. where is the real estate market at…and forecasting the nest financial scam!!!

Anyhow, at the end we seemed to have finally come up with a short list that is manageable.

Unfortunately, a lot of some of the best pastry shops are found wayyyy in the east end of RDP where my brother-in-law specializes (tons of Italians there)…however I find that it may be too far to mention them here.

Therefore…drumb roll please…here are the addresses in some order of preference.

Boulangerie Patisserie Cristina
2945 boulevard de la Concorde Est, Laval (450) 664-3698
…I can definitely vouch for their lobster tails
…mmmm….did you ever have these?…they are devine!

Pasticceria Di Bella
5235 Rue Belanger, Montreal, (514) 728-4335

Boulangerie & Pâtisserie Napoleon
4579 rue Jarry E Saint-Léonard, (514) 728-9635
…also very good lobster tails…

Boulangerie Patisserie Concorde
608 boulevard de la Concorde O., Laval (450) 668-7853

Boulangerie NDG
5801 Chemin Upper-Lachine Montreal, (514) 481-4215

Pasticceria Alati-Caserta
277 Rue Dante, Montreal, (514) 271-3013
although slightly over rated…is still a viable choice”

Thank you Claudia for that list. Have you got another place to suggest?