It’s so hot and I had a craving for a fruity ice cream. I just had a tiny bit left of my Rosemary Walnut one, the last I made, and I knew there was not enough to satiate my need for a cool treat. But I had no large quantity of fruits at home and no way was I going out into the furnace exterior.

But I had a new jar of strawberry jam! I am feeling a lazy way out of this one…and it was worth it even if not the real deal! I love the added touch of balsamic vinegar as it really enhances the favor of the fruit and cut the sugary jam taste.

Very simple yet very rewarding!

Ξ Strawberry Jam Balsamic Ice Cream Ξ

1 cup light cream
1 cup milk
3/4 cup strawberry jam (or any jam you have)
1 tbsp  Balsamic vinegar

– Add the jam and milk into bowl and whisk until jam has broken up. Mix in the cream and balsamic vinegar.

– Use ice cream maker and prepare according to manufacturer’s instructions.


– Spoon chilled custard into shallow metal pan, freeze until almost firm, about 3 hours. Break into chunks; puree in food processor.

– Pack into airtight container and freeze until firm, about 2 hour.

So good you'll like the paddle clean!