As someone put it best earlier on twitter when I announced what was going on in my kitchen…

Really? That sounds like something outta Iron Chef Japan. Can’t imagine what that would tastes like?!

Two words on how it tastes: AWE and SOME

I came across this flavor at Atti during the dinner group’s Christmas dinner. They served green tea, red bean, ginger and this black as night sesame ice cream. This last one was the hit of the meal both in taste and sight. I made a mental note to find a recipe. Then winter came to Montreal and I mentally blocked the ice cream machine out of my mind. But spring like weather has come early to Quebec this year without a real trace of snow anywhere in a month. The ice cream machine was calling my name….

And so I broke out the bag of black sesame seeds I bought months ago for this recipe. I know it sounds like a weird combination but it is so so so good. A little nutty, a bit like tahini in taste. Now most ice cream recipes have you cook slowly an egg yolk in milk on the stove before freezing. Ugh…sorry I am too lazy I do my ice straight. So this is the easy version and my own recipe.

Roasted Black Sesame Ice Cream

6 tbsp of black sesame seeds
1 cup milk
1 cup 35% cream
2/3 cup sugar
red/blue/yellow food coloring (optional)

  1. Roast the seed in a pan on the stove a bit on a medium hig heat. it wont take long so watch the pan constantly.
  2. In a grinder or small food processor pulverize your seeds.
  3. Put milk, cream and sugar in ice cream machine
  4. Add powdered seeds
  5. if you want a dark color add equal amounts of red, blue and yellow food coloring (I did 4 of each)
  6. Follow ice cream machine instructions

That is it. Your ice cream will be ready in about 40 minutes. Look at it up close. You can see the specks of clack from the shell on the seed. Blackberries, which I happened to have in the fridge, were a perfect complement.