I can bake a soufflé
I can wisk a béchamel
I can (almost) do a macaron

But some basic stuff I suck at. Mostly red meats and rice. Rice may be helped. But yeah I usually cook rice too much, to little, not enough water, too much water. So I have been considering, on and off, for some time is getting a rice cooker or food steamer is worth it for me.

Of course I go looking online now and there are so many options. First is size. There are rice cookers for small and large quantities. I live a lone so I would opt for a 4 cup one, not the 35 cup one lol. And that is uncooked rice…it apparently makes 8 cups. So have programable digital clocks too. Nice feature!

Now i never got around to getting one because I don,t eat rice that much. But low and behold my research shows me you can steam meat, fish and veggies too! its also a food steamer. And you can make soups. Hmmm this is suddenly becoming a much more appealing and essential appliance.

Its a good thing I am in the process of a major cleaning/purging phase to make room in the kitchen pantry so I can find a place for my future new buy!