So are you a Matcha convert or have you yet to discover this wonderful tea? If you have not tried it yet then run out and get some. I have a great one to show you today that you may want to try out. I am not new to green tea powder by far. I have several recipes on the blog with Matcha, from sweet to savory.  Sure I like the health benefits but, you know me, I love trying the unusual and less common ingredients.

But for today I will start you off with something more basic if you are new to Matcha Powder. It has been way to hot to turn on the oven lately and smoothies are still king in my kitchen. Using up some fruit in the fridge I made a Peachy Matcha Smoothie with the new green tea.

matcha review

For the unfamiliar, let’s start with a description of this product. Matcha is green tea from the Camellia sinensis, transformed into a very fine powder. Unlike other teas derived from Camellia sinensis, matcha has not been fermented. This is not its only particularity, as true matcha is derived from tea leaves grown in the shade so that the leaves achieve a dark green color, which gives matcha its magnificent amino acids.

Now let’s looks at some of the other many benefits. When you ingest matcha you are consuming the entire leaf. Did you know that one glass of matcha green tea is equal to 10 glasses of regular green tea as far as antioxidants and nutrients? The antioxidants found in green tea have been found to fight against many forms of cancer, HIV, heart disease and a host of other illnesses and diseases. Some studies claim that the thermogenic properties has fat burning properties, up to 40% more without. Some people feel an energy boost after a cup of matcha. Matcha may also promote relaxation and well-being within the brain.

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If you are not a tea drinker but want the benefits of green tea powder all you have to do is add matcha to your recipes. It will add a pleasant small leafy bitter taste to your food.

Look on the internet and you will find tons of recipes with matcha: from cocktails to beverages, pizzas, vinaigrettes, pasta, chicken, cakes, muffins and candy. I personally enjoy sweet cake and pastries with Matcha. Smoothies are a favorite too and this recipe below is a perfect intro.

making matcha smoothie

Peachy Matcha Smoothie

Servings 1 serving


  • 1 banana
  • 1 peach
  • handful of kale or spinach
  • 1/2 tsp matcha powder
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/2 tsp chia seeds and/or ground flax


  • Chop banana and peach into bite size chunks.
  • In your smoothie blender place the kale or spinach in first, top with chopped fruits, matcha powder, seeds and then milk.
  • Blend until desired consistency.

matcha smoothie

When choosing a matcha powder one should look for an organic and high quality product. They are not made all equal, not by far. The Kiss Me Organics matcha I received for review, available on, fist the true matcha description. But I wish I was more of an expert to say if their powder truly surpasses the rest. All I can say is that compared to the one I had before it is very good. It looks a lot fresher, it is brighter in color, and is a bit less bitter. As far as health benefits, I cannot say I saw a difference but that probably comes with time.

My only negative comment is that the powder is not as bright green as the packaging and included recipe book leads to believe. As a food blogger I would like to get that clean bright green I see in recipes, not the brown-green I have. The color is way better than my older matcha but not as green as advertized. Does this factor truly influence the quality? Probably not since it is a richer green that most others I have seen. Overall I am very happy with it and recommend as a good quality splurge.