I would like to assume most foodies are capable of pairing basic wines with certain foods. But we do not think of trying to pair other alcohols with food. Trying other spirits or beers can be revealing and fun.

This coming Monday I am actually going to do that with a friend. We plan on having a light snacking dinner with a bottle of Absinthe she has had for a while. I gave her a slotted Absinthe spoon for Christmas so it earned me an invite for a tasting he he. Our research suggested seafood, fish, goat cheese and anise based recipes as a good pairing.

And here is another great example. I came across this beer blog that had a post matching a dessert recipe with a beer: Chocolate Pudding with Custard & Wheat Beer. I used to make a similar pudding adn just loved it. It really is so easy and quick to prepare. Check it out. Think of it a bit as a giant lava cake. And really as the other suggest a well chosen beer could make it a really intersting snacking event.  Here he suggests a wheat beer. I know nothing of beers but I did google wheat beer and it mostly suggested what we call here a white beer which is a very light beer that leaves a silky feel in the mouth.

Chocolate and silk….hmmmm!