I know I am a week late! Everyone else with a food blog and that idea has done it already. But I will do a show and tell of our New Year’s family amazing pot-luck spread. I am salivating just at the thought of my first bites! Can you guess what I made? I brought 2 dishes. Enjoy!

Starting with the meal…

The Whole Spread

Orzo Salad with red onions, green peppers, cilantro and pomegranate seeds

Pita Egg Salad Sandwiches

Mustard Seed Sausage

Sauteed Shrimps with a Beet Ginger Dip

Tourtière - traditional Québecois meat pie

Feta and Cranberry Tortilla Rolls

Artichoke Quiche Squares

Artichoke Quiche Squares

Beet and Apple Salad

Next of course are the many desserts…


This dessert may not be the most impressive visually but its a tradition in my family and so good!

Inside the Crisspak

It’s basically chocolate wafer thin cookies layered with whip cream.
You make it a day ahead so the wafers soften.
I know of no one else who makes this, not even sure about the spelling of the name.

Sugar Pie



A Fruit Salad fit for foodies

Fruit Cake, of course!

And as a nibbling finally…

A lovely cheese platter