With the host site transfer I lost 1 post and this was it…so can’t remeber what I wrote…its a new one lol.

A few month’s back I came across a segment on CTV news called Sunday Bite which “explores the many ingredients of Montreal’s food scene”. There was an idea submission form. So I filled it out with my blog’s info. Months later I got an email. Then things cam e up on both ends and months went by again.

Then one Monday morning , 2  weeks back, I get an email from the host of the segment, Nadine Ishaak, asking me to call her asap with a phone number. I called and from it ensued a very exciting conversation. Nadine wanted to do a segment on the new Foodie Exchange. After a couple of reschedulings we settled on last Monday for a taping date. I was bouncing of the walls with excitement. Me on TV….the focus of a segment.


Nadine Ishak and myself shopping

The taping of the segment was an absolute blast. Nadine and the cameran man were both amazingly nice and we chatted away. We did a about 1 hour of shooting in a shop as I was buying stuff for the next passage I was sending out. And then we did another 1 hour shoot at my place showing what I have received in the past (and not yet eaten) as well as preparing a package for send off. Yep 120 min of tape for about 3 min of TV. But I loved it.

The segment will pass this Sunday, Nov 29th, on CTV news around 6h30-7 pm. If you miss it or are out of town the segment is reposted online on the Sunday Bite page.

If you can make sure to watch it!