You spent all week planning a special menu for a great 5 course meal for your dinner guests and you end up personally disappointed with the result. They loved it but for you…meh! I have lived this scenario many times. Then you invite a really close friend for a home cooked birthday meal in the middle of the week…nothing majorly extravagant and OMG it is the best thing you have made in the longest time.

Totally unrelated to the post but is that not just hilarious?

That is also what happened to me this week. Raquel, my adorable, sweet, 11 years younger (bitch), totally Goth, vegetarian, animal loving owner of 2 cute rats, just awesome very close friend came over for her birthday dinner. She knows my cooking and she can vouch for me saying this meal was beyond amazing. She even asked about 3 times if she could move in.

We chatted and snacked over a glass of wine and some left over Black Bean Hummus from a Halloween party I went too. By they way…no one guessed what was my mystery costume! I will tell you now: I was a character from a pop art painting by the 60’s artist Roy Liechtenstein.

Anyways, back to the meal. The appetizer was a Truffled Tomato Tarte Tatin which I already posted about and that was followed by the best veggie tofu curry EVER. I’ll be posting about that soon, did not take pics but I have a pot luck next Saturday and will make that. But the dessert, ah the dessert. I could not wait to see her face when she would see the cake. In my Halloween creepy recipe hunt I came across a cake shaped like a rat…a cute one. And she LLLLOOOVVVEEEESSSS rats. I had to make it.

I found the recipe on a site called Hungry Halloween and the cake is called Longtail. I looks really complicated but really it is super easy to make. And there are only 5 ingredients: oero cookie crumbs, cream cheese, powdered sugar, pink or red food coloring and 2 candies for the eyes. That is it! I did not pictures of the making of the cake so please follow the link above for all the details. They don’t mention it but toothpicks were really handy to make the parts they together. Here is the result….

Needless to say she was completely stunned. I even had trouble convincing her to eat a piece of cake and I had to do the cutting. It was so worth it. I wonder which other animal can be made this way?