I have great news everyone. Remember that post I did about a food exchange I did with another foodie in Texas? Well you can check it out here: A Texan Care Package. Well it made a (minor) stir within the foodie community and I got a lot of feedback. Lots of blogers wanted to give it a shot. One actually did something about it: Louise at Felice Kitchen

She decided to try and get something organized for those interested to share a similar experience. After a bit of debate it was decided a Google group may be the best solution. So here it is!!

Foodie Exchange
Visit this group

Click on the link to learn more about it….but basically its getting 10$ worth of local products in exchange for the same from someone else. A great way to discover new food items. First exchange will be announced October 31st!

This will be a first run so we’ll have to figure out and perfect the system. I think its an exciting venture.  Come and join the group!

Hugs and Biscuits

P.S. I am actually waiting for a visit from a the postman for a second exchange I did with a bloger in Australia.