Another UPDATE: Thank you Indigonat for spreading the word on your blog about the donations!

UPDATE: Thank you to for a generous donation of 175$. Only 25$ to go!
Hi everyone,

the discussion I started a little while back, has decided to impose a fee on Ning networks, which is where the Foodie Exchange resides.
We need 199.95 dollars by June 30th to stay here. I have set up a Paypal Donation button on the main page for you to please give a little. If everyone gave 2$ we would cover it no problem. If you want to give more you are welcome to do so.

Sponsorship would be another solution. I you want to sponsor the Foodie Exchange or know someone who would I will gladly add a banner in the Advertise section. Email me directly for sponsorship rates.

If we do not raise enough money the group will have to move. Let me assure you that I will use any donation received for that purpose alone to set up an alternative website.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Evelyne, founder