Today I had brunch with a friend near one of Montreal”s biggest makrets: the Atwater Market. In the summer it is briming with produce sold by the local farmers outside. At this tme of the year that space was replaced with Chistmas trees salemans. But there is an indoor part with several great butchers, spice shops, chees, shops, a liquor store and more. There are also a couple of indoor produce places.

So we decided to take a little walk there after we finished eating. Guess what happened. yep I got back home with a bunch of random stuff I don’t particularly need but HAD to get and try.

The damage:

  • soju: a Korean strong alcohol
  • maple syrup and vodka for a recipe
  • Ewe’s yogurt (doesn’t everyone have that at home!)
  • micro bok choy
  • 2 strong English cheese
  • dried lemongrass
  • black sesame seeds