It was a dark and cold night as I layed in bed sleepless and restless. A nagging noise from my next door neighbor kept me awake. Ii sounded like sawing. At my wits end I went over to complain and ask to keep the noise down.

I noticed that the door was ajar. I called out but no answer came. I hesitated but decided to walk inside and check things out for myself. A scream escaped my lips and I dropped my flashlight.

Halloween alien hand 027

Before me the lifeless body of a green alien was slumped on the floor. Next to the alien a horrifying array of medical instruments were layed out, bloodied, as they had recently been used to probe a severed green hand, two fingers detached. There was blood everywhere, soiled gauze pads and band-aids. I fainted from the most terrifying sight.

Halloween alien hand 051

I awoke the next morning in my room all tucked nicely in my bed. I ran over to the neighbor’s place and found the door wide open. The appartment was completely empty without a single trace of the atrocities witnessed a few hours prior. Was it a dream, a figment of my imagination? Chances are I will never find the true answer and will have to live with that nightmarish image for the rest of my life.

BOO! Did I scare you?


Halloween alien hand 041

Band-Aid Cookies

long oval cookies
white cake icing or cream cheese
strawberry jam

Halloween alien hand 049

Ice cube Hand

Fill a latex glove with water and food coloring. Tie end with a rubber band. Place glove in a large bowl and bend fingers to mimick natural articulation. Freeze and cut off glove.

Halloween alien hand 047

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