I have to say I get giddy when 2 challenges overlap and can be combined. 2 birds 1 stone. Such is the case this month with the 5 Star Makeover and the International Incident Party. The 5 Star Makeover required a recipe made entirely made from products purchased at a local farmer’s market. I went to Atwater Market, check √. The International Incident Party asked us to prepare a terrine. I chose to make a vegetable terrine with items bought at the farmer’s market, check √.

At the market I chose yellow zucchini, asparagus, red bell pepper, carrots, baby spinach leaves and a container of Greek Style goat yogurt.

It was quite a rainy day when I went to the market so the pics are so so but it will give you an idea. I found vegetable kiosks, flower kiosks, a crate of unusual mushrooms and lots of butcher shops. This market is open year round for the inside shops like the butchers, cheese stores, wine shop, bakery, etc. The outside is only open late spring, summer and fall. In Montreal there are many large Framer’s Markets, 4 actually, and a lot of small neighborhood ones. The biggest is Jean Talon Market.

A terrine usually describes a kind of pâté made of coarsely chopped pieces of meat or vegetables. I found a lovely and gorgeous recipe at Once Upon a Plate. I knew right away this was the recipe for me. This is a roasted vegetable terrine with a layer of goat cheese, well I made my own goat cheese spread from a goat yogurt. A note: since this is not a baked terrine you want the vegetables rather tender so they should be cooked to make slicing the terrine easier.

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Ξ Roasted Vegetable Terrine Ξ

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. In a glass dish combine the cut or sliced  vegetables your have and poor a bit of olive oil on top and salt a touch, mix until they are coated. Spread evenly on a large roasting pan.
  3. Roast for 35 to 40 minutes in the preheated oven, stirring every 10 minutes, or until vegetables are cooked through. Remove veggies as they are done.
  4. First line the mold with plastic cling film to facilitate removal of the finished terrine, then line it with a single layer of leafy greens which are blanched so they will be tender and pliable; I used spinach but you could use any leafy green; lettuce, chard, beet greens, or grape leaves, etc.
  5. I bought a Greek style goat yogurt which I drained overnight in a cheese cloth. The result was a spread texture that I seasoned with salt, pepper, chili flakes and basil.
  6. Build your layers firmly. After the layers are in place, the blanched leaves are folded over the top, then the cling film, next some sort of weight (canned good, or other heavy item), then the entire dish is refrigerated for 8 to 24 hours before unmolding and slicing to serve.

The goat cheese spread and roasted veggies, before and after

Placing the baby spinach leaves was a time consuming process but the rest was super easy if not a bit long. I feared a bland taste since there is very little seasoning present put the roasting process just brought out a most wonderful sweet aromas and the bit of salt helped. The spreadable goat cheese was a hit too. If you have the time and you are looking to impress guests then you have a winner here for sure!

Even my cat Mickey approves!