Before I start this post I just wanted to send out a big thank you to Amanda at The Mindful Table. She lent me temporarily her second camera while I wait for mine to resurface from it’s silly journey. I mentioned a couple of times my recent pics were from my cell phone and of bad quality but did not tell you why! Well silly me I left my camera on my friend’s kitchen table in Virginia before going of to North Carolina. So upon my return my friend arranged to return my camera by mail. I of course sent her the money for the shipping. But she was badly instructed by the postal worker on how to fill out the forms. I got a notice for the package with an amount of money, not a small one, requested for duty. IT’S MY CAMERA!!!!!!

At this point if I pay duties and ad the shipping, well it’s more then this old camera’s worth. And I am not going to pay and then TRY to get customs to change their mind. So I declined the package and it will either fall in the hands of a custom agent who will call me (I gave my refusal with my phone no.) or my friend will have the package returned and she will resend it the cheap proper way. So this is why I am camera-less at this time!

No idea why I never tried this before but this summer I bought a baby cherry tomato plant for my balcony, all the way up on the 18th floor where I live.

I am very excited I have little green fruits. I cannot wait to watch them get red. I have very little veggie gardening experience…any tips and comments are welcome.

Oh and had to share this ADORABLE pic I found online too!