What's a substitute for cornstarch FREE Ingredient Substitution Sheet

How many times have you just started a recipe and oops, you are out of eggs, or butter, or cornstarch? And what’s a substitute for cornstarch anyways? My free 41 Cooking and Baking Ingredient Substitutions Essential Cheat Sheet just may save the day.

Guess what today is? On this glorious day, I arrived into the world. OK not everyone may think that qualifies it as a glorious day lol but today May 2nd is my birthday! And to celebrate I have a gift for YOU! I have prepared a free essential Cheat Sheet that includes 41 Cooking and Baking Ingredient Substitutions that are commonly found in a kitchen. So you will never have to ask yourself what’s a substitute for cornstarch again. Get your FREE Ingredient Substitutions Cheat Sheet right now!

Birthdays are a good time to reflect, ponder your situation in life, perhaps decide to make some changes to improve your every day. And I have been doing a lot of that lately. Baby steps have already been taken. Writing this blog post – WHICH IS REALLY SCARY FOR ME – is one of those steps. So here it goes…

it is my birthday

Laying it all out on the line

I want to take my blog to the next level. I want to make it the center of my main income and live the digital nomad life away from the 9 to 5 grind. Now I don’t expect this to be an overnight miracle either. It will take hard work over a long period of time. And, it means this blog will see some changes.

What does this mean to you, my faithful reader? Will there still be recipes on CulturEatz? YES, absolutely. Just maybe not every week. Will I get all commercial and sales-pitchy? I certainly hope not! My goal is to enhance your experience, add value to what is already here.

What will you offer, Evelyne? This has been my mental block for the longest time. I had no idea how to go about monetizing my blog. Now that I have done proper research, I have about a gazillion ideas. I do know I want to include travel posts. I love doing travel on my Youtube channel. I want to write articles on how to make you a better blogger if you are one. Maybe a subscription box idea. Cooking guides. Online course. I really have so many ideas. But for now, I want to say thank you with this first freebie offer ever!

Click here to get your FREE Ingredient Substitution Cheat Sheet right now!

41 cooking and baking ingredient substitutions

I try my best to check and make sure I have all my cooking ingredients listed in the recipe before I start. But not always. That is why it is imperative to know what are the best cooking substitutions. Have you ever started a recipe and realized you needed an answer to these questions fast?

  • what is a good substitute for cooking oil?
  • what’s an ideal egg replacement?
  • what is a substitute for milk?
  • what’s a good substitute for butter in recipes?
  • what can you use as a heavy cream replacement?
  • what can I substitute for cream cheese?

And those are the common food substitution of ingredients in baking questions. How about an orange zest substitute or a substitute for yogurt in baking? Know a lemon substitute? A lemon zest replacement? Perhaps you need a light cream substitute? What’s a substitute for cornstarch or red wine alternative? This is why I created a free recipe substitutions pdf document for you to download today. Don’t toss you those half-made recipe in the garbage. You can save it!

Click the image below to get you PDF now and share it on Pinterest!

What's a substitute for cornstarch FREE Ingredient Substitution Sheet

Did you miss the new changes?

I really hope you love the printable. And I would lie if I said it was my first change to the transformation. Have you noticed anything different about the blog? Perhaps not but I have reworked the background SEO structure BIG TIME! Lots of it you cannot see but the menu had changed a lot. Just go ahead and explore the menu at the top.

  • Recipes are now searchable by index, by continent, and by country on the Eat the World page.
  • You can access my travel posts easily by destination and see the recipes my trips have inspired.
  • Get the latest info on my monthly Eat The World Recipe Challenge. (May 2018 is Kenya, you still have 8 days to join us for this month)
  • There is a featured series section as well which includes links to some of my favorite grouped topics.
  • And a link to the current and all future freebies that I will offer.
  • I wrote my first blogging tip article, check it out: 7 Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

I mentioned proper research on how to improve the blog earlier. Perhaps you are curious to know more about how to get your hands on precious good monetization info? My first epic resource is a blog that offers lots of free email challenges and great articles like this one on how to spend 10 minutes to up the SEO of a post to get more page views. I highly recommend you delve deep into this site and get to now Sharon on her Facebook group as well. I have found it to be the first no-nonsense informative site on this topic.


So what’s a substitute for cornstarch already?

OK, I’ll give you one freebie answer to the freebie offer.
If you need cornstarch for thickening, say you need 1 tbsp, you can substitute it with 2 tbsp flour or 1 tbsp arrowroot, potato or rice starch.

I hope you are just as excited as I am about the future of CulturEatz. Let me know what you think, drop me a line anytime at cultureatz@gmail.com. And I would love feedback on the 41 Cooking and Baking Ingredient Substitutions Essential Cheat Sheet as well. So grab your FREE printable Ingredient Substitutions Cheat Sheet HERE today!