Ta Sabroso is a family owned café and before opening this place the owners were catering mainly for the Venezuelan community. This place was recommended by my Venezuelan friends. One of them introduced me to the owners

The first time I went there, I was warmly welcomed by the owner which is something I had not seen in a while.

It is the only place I have heard that served typical Venezuelan specialties and it is worth. Especially for the price of the food. They are at 3.50$ for the starters and 10$ for the main dishes

The owner was kind enough to reserve the all place for the Cheap Ethnic Eatz. So we were 37 people.

On the menu, we can find for main dishes:

-         Ta Sabroso made with mini cachapa (corn crepe with cheese), 3 small pies (potato, chicken and meat), 2 cheese sticks, 1 mini tamal (minced crackling or red pepper), patacones (fried green plantain with grated cheese), filled corn pie with shredded meat and, 1 cassava ball and guasacaca

-         Hallacas with Pan de Jamon (venezuelan tamal served in Christmas with ham bread)

-         Pabellon (white rice, fried plantain, shredded meat, black beans)

-         Pasticho (type of lasagna, served with green salad)

This place deserve to be better known. My wish is that they stayed genuine as they are.