Ok this will be a weird post cause its like got no real point to it. But this is the story….

So this morning I am on the bus and reading my book UNTIL these two guys, early 20s, stand right by where I am sitting and talk. They were just to distracting – and entertaining -  to keep reading so I put the book away and eavesdropped. I love listening in to people’s conversations sometimes. And the most entertaining are usually those of mid 20s guys cause they think they know everything and can solve all the world’s problems (as like legalizing ALL drugs as this pair mentioned today). I digress!

So this pair of boys are real upbeat and funny, both going soon on the classic Euro tour to party in Europe’s finest cities. Then they talk about their current jobs. Yes this is where there is actually a link with this blog haha. One of the guys said he worked for a vanilla bean import comapny here in Montreal. Guess what I googled first thing in the office. And I found them: Aust & Hachmann Canada

I’ll contact them and see if they can organize a little visit for the group…may be a fun outing!

Hugs and Biscuits