I wanted to do a brief comment on two lounges. One was a discovery the other a occasional haunt.


Located in the Monkland village this place is frequented mostly by the cool Loyola campus and Dawson students who want to stay locel. They have really nice maritnis…a short list but a good one. one of the best Cosmos in town. The place recently underwent a more then needed renovation. There is a short menu of salads, wraps and burgers. Simple dishes but really good. I had a burger with goat cheese and avocado. the dumplings in the appetizers are excellent too and there are 12….enough for a meal for one person.

So I was there last night with Aurora and the other Evelyne and Thursday at 9pm are at $7 for the ladies, instead of $10. It also comes with a fortune cookie. Here is the fun part: the fortunes were written by Typhoon and custom made in San Francisco. The cookies are nothing to rave about but I had too share the 2 fortunes i got:

  • Confucius says use more eye contact & slow lip movement if you really wann flirt effectively
  • Stop talking about how good you are in bed and prove it

Ok, so I expect to get lais that night…but did not haha

One friend got:

  • Tell your waitress “Do you ahve a bun in the oven?” and you will receive a free baked cheese dish. Well…we did and it was so good!

5752 Monkland (corner Wilson)
NDG, Montréal, QC H4A 1E9


Lab cocktail counter

This one was a discovery suggested by Johanne. WOW is all I have to say. Talk about really original cocktails. And the waiter spent a lot of time explaining things to us. Ok it was not crowded but still he was passionate. They offer everything a bar can need, consultations, classes for groups. Its a great place for events. They are specialized (in secret) in Absinthe as well with a large selection and the right tools to serve it properly. No food is served. Two draw backs: its a bit far from the metro without frequent bus service and its mostly stool seating without back support.

But still worth the outing. Here is one of my cocktails I sampled:

Une coupe de soleil à la française qui se compose à votre choix de Citadelle gin ou de Grey Goose vodka avec du vermouth blanc, du sirop de lavande et du jus de canneberge blanc. Grey Goose vodka, white vermouth, lavender syrup and white cranberry juice

1351 Rachel street East
Montreal, Quebec H2J 2K2
Tel.: (1) 514 544 1333

Hugs and Biscuits,