So last night I went to a chili party one of my friends, also a member of Cheap Ethic Eatz, had. There were about 8 of us there from the dinner group plus all of his friends and the lovely girlfriend.

Although he took a year off last year, this was his 16th almost annual chili party. Here is the concept: besides all the food everyone brings, he prepares 2 15 gallon batches of chili. One is mild the other is………….HOLY F&$^*%&$ MOTHER %(^&$(*&# SPICY burn your mouth! I think he puts in about 20 various chili peppers. The pots were posted as such:

– mild: not obnoxious
-HOT: obnoxious

Now I have a pretty high average tolerance to spicy. I mixed in 1 bowl 1/4 hot and 3/4 mild…and it makes my mouth burn. Having my left over take home chili now for dinner.

Opinions varies on the spice ladder, the one thing we did all agree on was the name of a combined bowl like mine: mildly annoying

Thanks B for the chili!

Hugs and Biscuits