Back to our regularly scheduled program….almost. I skipped last week’s Thursday edition as I was on vacation. So many food items I bought on my dining room furniture now and pics to sort on the USB key (food trip post coming, be patient). This week I am back but not to introduce you to some new/unknown kitchen gadget. Oh no! This week I will show you 2 pictures of food products I encountered on my trip that made me shout out : “What the Heck”? I am using the nice word online, I did use the bad ones in reality.

Item no.1 Apple juiceS

A bottle of Minute Maid Apple Juice…with apple juice concentrate from how many countries? US, Argentina, Austria, Chile, China, Germany AND Turkey. What? Talk about globalization and saving a buck to get cheaper outsourced juices. What are the farming, pesticides and labor laws in those countries?

Item no.2 100% Pure Natural Syrup

Served with my pancake at Cracker Barrel. OK this one I had to laugh so hard. The print is too small on the bottle but it does say 55% Maple syrup and 45% Cane syrup. I mean come on…I am from Quebec, the Kingdom of Maple syrup. I eat my pancakes with 100% Maple syrup, period!

We actually have a Quebec slang for the fake stuff: sirop de poteau

…which translates to pole syrup – as in the old wooden telephone or electricity poles – meaning diluted maple syrup or corn syrup imitation (like the Aunt Jemima stuff).

But wait till you find out what I did do with that syrup! I will tell you very soon in a future post…but my friend literally FLIPPED OUT on me and looked around in shame to make sure no fellow Southerner should have witnessed my sacrilegious action!