After many of us trying to make a steam pudding without the right bowl… it not time to get one? And its under 7$ CAD at time of publishing.
I am putting it on my list for sure.

Kitchen Craft Pudding Basin – 200 mL

Traditionally used for steaming puddings, this glazed earthenware ceramic pudding basin can be used for cooking, mixing (especially for liquids; they’re deeper than traditional mixing bowls), storage, and display. The high gloss finish helps to get puddings out once cooked. The basins stack neatly with one another.

Freezer, oven (to 425°F/220C), and microwave safe.
Size: 200 mL
Colour/Pattern: White interior and exterior
Capacity: 200 millilitres/0.4 pounds/180 grams
Materials: Glazed earthenware ceramic
Care: Dishwasher safe