OK today we are going in a whole other directions. Its nothing useful for the kitchen. Its actually not even useful. Its just plain fun, kitch and decorative.

Discover the food charms for your key chains, cellphone straps and accessories of Strapya World…delivered to you from Japan! Only in Japan do you see corny stuff like this…but its awesome!.

I have ordered from them so I can vouch for their reliability. How did I find them? Well I had ordered this cow hide purse on Ebay and I always have comments on it or have people stare at it. So I wanted to find a gadget I could hide in it or outside that would Mooooo like a cow. My Google search for something reasonably priced led me to this site. The Mooing key chain is as big a hit as the purse ever since.

So want something to decorate your phone, purse of what not showing your foodie colors loudly? Look no further then Strapya World!