Ok, its not in the basic idea behind the blog….but I love posting weird kitchen gadgets when I find one. I am not getting any kick back from it though. its purely for my pleasure. Here is the lastest one:

The Ice Cream Ball Maker, another Canadian invention.

With the unique Original Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker (makes 1 pint of ice cream), you can make ice cream anywhere! You don’t need electricity, just add ice and rock salt in one end and ice cream mix in the other end-then have a ball as you shake it, pass it or roll it!

The ice cream mix can be as simple as cream, sugar and vanilla.

All you need is:

  • Ice & Rock Salt
  • Cream, Sugar & Vanilla
  • A Group of friends to have a ball

They even have a page with ice cream recipes. Great ones too like butter pecan, eggnog, mint chocolate chip, and cherry.

I definitely put this one on my Christamas list and if I don’t get it come the 25th, I am ordering it!

Hugs and Biscuits,