Last Saturday, we had a lot of fun at Tehran. I’m not ashamed to admit that this is a place I revisit every once in a while. I had my usual, sultani, and I had the soup which is something you should try. The soup is a thick broth with lentils. I always ask what is it called and I always forget afterwards. Some people opted for the salad, which I heard it was good too. The place is known for cooking the meat just so that it’s soft and well-flavored. We also got to try the complimentary Chai tea. A few of us went for the baklava for dessert, not included in the meal. It was delicious.

The locale is good. There was a little noise level, as this is a typical Iranian hangout and we had a family with kids on the next table. However they didn’t stay long. We took over the back and had a long table made for ourselves. There is no alcohol served or allowed, which I knew in advance and didn’t mind too much. They also don’t serve coffee which is a bit of a letdown. The complimentary tea makes up for it somewhat.

The prices were decent, a bit higher than the review that was posted but that I took from a website who probably wrote a few years back. I believe the regular bill come up to 20 for only the meal before taxes and tip. More if you added any drinks or had dessert.

I believe a great time was had by all. Almost perfect attendance this time too. Thank you everyone for coming! Written by Agustin Leon

5065 de Maisonneuve W. (across from Vendôme metro)
Tel: 514-

Written by Agustin Leon