I have several friends who have recently undergone kitchen remodeling…and let me tell you they got into way more then they bargained for. In time, costs, size of project. Of course the results are magnificent but achieved through a lot of pain and sweat.

One way to save a few bucks though is to thouroughly price shop your appliances and also analize what is the best option for your needs. Here is a great site to do this: a Kitchen Appliances Buying Guide. You can choose an array of kitchen appliances and see what are the pros and cons of each.

Lets take a look at a example: lets look up the Refrigerators Buying Guide. If you click the link you will see a list of feature to consider: size, style, noise and location, and optional features. Below you have pictures of the most popular styles. Next there is a list of major manufactures. Finally you see any related items that can be purchased as well.

On the right, in this example, you see the Top Pick models. And this is where the magic happens. If you click a model it will then give you a list of the best prices and link you to the shops where they are sold. It is truly a great site for the shopping savvy looking to educate themselves and find the best price. And its not just refrigerators, look also for:

  • Washing Machines Buying Guide
  • Dryers Buying Guide
  • Pots and Pans Buying Guide

Hugs and Biscuits,