Firstly, I would like to congratulate our two new Cheap Ethnic Eatz assistants: Gus and Sharon. Be nice to them until they are properly whipped into shape ;-P Thanks a gain you two for the much needed helping hand.

Well our first dinner event of the year was a tremendous success! We all had a fabulous time at the Salon Mogador. The setting was so inviting as we sat on low sofas with those big tray like tables. A perfect arrangement to encourage relaxation, feeling of home, and mingling. The decor is very traditional as well. They really put a lot of work into it. And the sounds of Arabic music filled the air all evening at the right sound level.

I had negotiated a great deal of 4 different salads, a veggie couscous, a veal couscous and a chicken tajine with lemon and olives, baklavas and dates for dessert. They served it buffet style for our groups exclusively. I have to say everything was delicious and that is the resounding word I heard from everyone else as well.

Lots of coriander in the salads, which I love, I particularly like the beet one and the green and red belle pepper one. The veggie couscous had nice big chunks of of mixed vegetables…including squash which I love. The veal and chicken were beyond tender and so flavorful. The baklavas (ok not a traditional Moroccan thing) was one of the best I have had. The free flowing mint tea certainly helped as well.

Only complaint: the service could have been a tad more present when it came to drinks. We had to serve ourselves our water if we wanted some, more services of mint tea would have been appreciated…those small glasses get drunk fast ha ha…and they did not offer (to my knowledge at least) anything from their drink menu.

We really had a great time. I think the fact that we left around 11pm on a week night is always a sign that people had fun. I highly recommend this place to have a great evening with friends.

Salon Mogador
310 Beaubien East
Montreal, QC H2S 1R8

Hugs and Biscuits,