The following review was written by Olivier Hong Ping, one of my assistants of the Cheap Ethnic Eatz dinner group:

The Verdun’s hidden treasure.

If you are in the Verdun area or if you want to try something different, you should try Restaurant Su. This is a Turkish restaurant. The place is simple but well decorated. The service was efficient and friendly.

Everyone seemed to be happy with what they ordered. Lots of people for starters took a Meze Tabagi which is a dish you can share with one, two or three people. It is a dish in which you can choose five different mezes.

For the main dish, you have some Turkish ravioli or different choices of grilled meat served with rice, vegetables or bulgur (semolina). I myself ordered an aphrodisiac chicken, a chicken breast with dried fruits, grilled almond and red sweet pepper. The sweet and salted taste of this dish is worth trying it.

For the dessert some people took a halva which is a pastry made of semolina.

So overall, it was a great experience.


Hugs and Biscuits,