There is a very interesting article in the May 2010 issue Coup de Poucewith statistics done by Coupe de Pouce on the relationship women in Quebec have with food. I thought I would share a few. This is but a hand full of them from the article so if you want the rest I suggest you get yourself an issue (French only).

Grocery shopping

  • 29% of women will not cut back on the food budget when in a financial crunch.
  • When in a financial crunch we prefer to cut back on alcohol and cheese before cutting back on meat.
  • 70% of women will by a product based on the ingredients list rather then on its price.

Restaurant meals

  • 50% of women will pick a new unknown dish on a menu. We are more adventurous!
  • 22% of women will pick a main meal according to its price.
  • Fast food: 39% avoid it, 33% have in when travelling, 14% have it with kids present, 10% have it regularly, and 4% only when at work.
  • You are given 200$ for a restaurant. What do you do with it? 53% will treat themselves to a gastronomic meal, 45% will get a family meal for 4, and 2% would get 10 fast food meals.

Do you recognize yourself in these statistics, where ever you are from?

Do you have other answers then the above?