WOW! What a night! On an appropriate Friday the 13 I took my Cheap Ethnic Eatz group on a 3 stop dinner event spotlighting the decadent and disgusting side of a meal: Just Desserts. Our first stop was at Kilo Café where everyone picked the most appetizing cakes or pies. That went down so well, everyone was quite satisfied with their choice. I also had the house ice tea which was wonderful. Just a dash of lemon juice and honey so you can actually taste the tea.

Then we were off to Crêmerie Meu-Meu, my favorite ice-cream joint in town. Again everyone relished in the delicious homemade ice creams, gelatos, frozen yogurt, or soy based treats. My preferred flavor was unfortunately not available that night: Lavender. So I happily settled for a zingy ginger flavor with a black tea one. Gosh this place is heavenly. Imagine 12 adults on a street corner for 40 min eating their cone and cups. It was a funny sight.

At this point sugar rushes were becoming obvious and I thought for a moment the emergency insulin shots would be required. One of my members had a distinctive bobble-head thing going on. And so we headed to our last stop. This walk took an interesting turn, as we realized we had to walk right into the heart of the Just for Laugh Festival along St-Denis street. All I and most members could think was : Uh oh! How will we find a table to accommodate everyone with a festival around?

The dessert gods were on our side, we did not wait very long. We were promptly enough shown to our table for 13 at Juliette et Chocolat. The courageous trudged along in ordering their hot chocolates, chocolate shooters, chocolate martinis, chocolate crepes and chocolate fondue! This place is addictive. So, so, so good. Everyone was on a cocoa rush and buzz.

A little confession on my part: I never do not have room for dessert. I just don’t usually order it out of embarrassment if I am gonna be the only one. But this night did test my limits. I had had enough, could not have a sugary bite anymore. It was gross, caloric hell, disgusting sweet dinner. It was a unanimous feeling for all.

Hence followed the obvious question that I got many times in the event’s rating: We will be doing this again soon I hope, right? I want to do this again alright? When is the next dessert dinner? Answer…3 to 6 months DEFINITELY!

Hugs and Biscuits,