This past Tuesday was another of my cooky outings for the Cheap Ethnic Eatz. In total 3 destinations with travel in between.

First destination was the Orange Julep Gibeau. yes I had a craving for Julep. We snaked down on burgers and fries and julep under a covered picnic tale as the last drops of rain of that day fell. And we were rewarded with a rainbow. Julep rules, their burgers not so much.

Second stop was a killer piece of pie at Rockaberry’s on Queen-Mary. The selection of pies was so great that no one out of the 10 people ordered the same one. I had a cheese toblerone one. It was very good and the sugar rush definitely hit us all. So much so that most were hesitant to move on to the last stop…but no one backed out he he.

Finally we went to Cocktail Hawaiian in the Concordia getto. This place is know for decadent fruit coctails, fruit juices and crepes. I had the PAradise which consisted of a tall glass filled with papaya, mango and strawberries covered with a sweet avocado juice. OMY so good. Love that place.

Everyone was beyond satiated, filled to the brim and wanting to roll home to rest and digest. I love these unusual outings.

Hugs and Biscuits