Now we have all be reading and slowly taking an interest in healthier food, not only do many of us now opt for organic food, they must also be properly certified, specify where they came from, how the product was treated, etc. Now one of the latest quest to make the world a better place is focused on Fair Trading. What does that mean exactly?

We you get your organic chocolate bar at the local Health Store and feel better buy a chocolate that is better for you. But how did the chocolate bar get to you? Someone manufactured it, where did they get their ingredients, such as the cocoa bean? They bought it probably in a poorer country. These cocoa beans where grown by local farmers with limited tools and means. Now how fairly was that farmer paid for the organic chocolate bar you are going to eat? Hence come in the Fairtrade International, a global organization working to secure a better deal for farmers and workers.

Since the concept is somewhat new it can be hard to find fair trade products. Luckily wonderful companies such as Premcrest Fair trade wholesale are in the business of getting these wonderful product to you. For 40 years Premcrest Fair Trade has been involved in ethical market practices. They supply stores with such products as candies, chocolate, juices,  coffee, tea, cakes, snacks. But they also offer many Fair Trade foods you can use in you everyday cooking such as pasta, rice, dried fruits, nuts, sauces, jams, olive oil…the list goes on.

Would it not be wonderful to know that when you are cooking your ingredients came from farmers that were treated and paid fairly for all their work, hence buying such food encourages giving the poor a better life. It’s a win-win situation. How do you know if a product is from a real Frairtrade source. Well that is easy, just look for he official Fairtrade certified logo which looks like this:

If you look on Premcrest Fair Trade website in the product selection you will find all packaging includes this logo: here you see it in the upper left corner.

So next time you are out shopping why not take a closer loo as to what you are putting into your food basket? Would you not like to make sure your products you eat also help improve the lives of farmers contributing to your food be treated and compensated fairly, like proper human beings.