It seemed the day would never arrive over a month ago…but finally the set date of the sponsored Menuism dinner was on the calendar of the week. The 10 lucky members who took the challenge to write 10 reviews on Menuism earned a spot on the reservation for 10 at an Indonisian restautant at Nonya and each got $22 towards their bill. I had selected a traditional Rijsttafel menu at $36 per person. This menu must be reserved ahead of time and you have to be at least 10 people to reserve it. Here was our menu:

SOP LAKSA AYAM – yellow curry soup with rice vermicelli and chicken
LUMPIA GORENG – crispy roll with bamboo shoots, shrimps and chicken
PEPES IKAN – tilapia wrapped in banana leaves seasoned with yellow curry, lemongrass and basil leaves
UDANG BAKAR – grilled shrimps marinated in red curry and lime leaf
BAKMI GORENG SAYUR – stir fry egg noodles with vegetables
RENDANG – traditional Sumatra beef simmered in coconut milk and spices
SAYUR LODEH – braised vegetables in red curry
GULE TAHU – tofu simmered in yellow curry
KERUPUK UDANG – shrimp crackers
SAMBAL TERASI – home made chili sauce cooked with shrimp paste
NASI PUTIH – white jasmine rice
BUBUR KETAN HITAM – black sticky rice with coconut milk
TEH JAWA – hot Javanese tea enhanced with jasmine flowers

This is a FANTASTIC restaurant which will definitely take your taste buds on an exotic journey. This is also definitely not a cheap place. For 2 drinks, the special menu, tx and tip my total was $65…so even with the $22 its a lot of money. For a special occasion it is totally worth it. Oh if you are fond of coconut milk you will be in heaven.

Dishes are served in small platters on the table and every serves themselves. Its a bit hard to hold yourself back and not take a bigger portion since you kind of have to make sure everyone gets their share lol. My favorite dishes of the meal were: the crispy rolls were really unusual, especially the sauce to dip. I have not idea what was the taste but it was unlike anything I knew; the grilled shrimp, the beef cury and braised veggies were all to die for. The rest was wonderful as well but those stood out for me. The black sticky rice for dessert is a very different and delicious dessert – no to sweet – to finish off this amazing meal. The Javanese tea is a smooth finish as well.

We all had a fantastic time and we had wonderful attentive service. There was a long silence when we started our meals…everyone was so concentrated on tasting the various flavors no one was talking. An odd moment but quite a compliment to the food too.

Again a wonderful place to go for a special occasion or a special treat since it would not be classified as a cheap eatz place.

Phone: 514-875-9998

Thank you again to Menuism for sponsoring our group and giving us this wonderful opportunity. We welcome it anytime!