Ok, first off I want to say that this type of mystery dinner will happen once in a while for sure because it was a TOTAL SUCCESS. We had a blast and the night was full of surprises, even for me.

I actually managed to shut my occasional big mouth the whole time and let no clue out to our destination until we got to the restaurant. So where did we go you ask? We went to Kalalu, a Caribbean fusion restaurant located at 4331 St-Denis . Everyone seemed thrilled when they saw our destination.

We did have to wait a bit for our table but this was due to the fact that this corner of the restaurant was being used for a TV interview. They were filming as we arrived. Well it turns out that the night we went, a Tuesday night, is a weekly event here called Mardi Chaud. What is this event? Its their biggest night of the week where many drinks are 2for1 from 5 to 8 (when we went) and 4 choices from the regular menu are at $9.95 instead of the regular price. But that is not all. Mardi Chaud also means live music. We were surprised and mesmerized by amazing performers of Jazz and Blues most of the evening. The most impressive was a 14 yr old girl with the voice of a mature Aretha Franklin…goose bumps. Guest singers from Europe where present too (hence the TV interviews).

And what about the food: DELICIOUS. Everyone loved what they ate. From accra and Creole cigar appetizers, to jerk chicken, spicy salmon, pork and specialty dishes. Everything was delicious and nicely spiced, quite spiced. Rosemary, a member, also had a surprise for us all. She brought us each melt in your hands butter cookies shaped like pumpkins for Halloween. SO GOOD!

The service was excellent and very attentive, even considering the large restaurant crowd. We were also offered a free round of shooters with the restaurant owner…very cool. Do I have any negative comments to make? Well don’t go there on a Tuesday for a quiet tête-à-tête. It is packed and loud. Its fine for the live band to be loud but the regular music in between sets made it even more impossible to hear your neighbor talk. So if you go there to party you will love it.

Make sure to attend the next mystery dinner and hopefully it will be as much fun as this one.

Hugs and biscuits,