Last night I met up with a friend for dinner. Its an acquaintance that I never saw 1 on 1 before so I was very happy to get to know her better. We walked along Mont-Royal and she suggested l’Avenue. I was reticent because of a recent experience but agreed. Within 10 min I politely asked my companion if she would not mind leaving and finding a new place. I was uncomfortable asking this but I knew if I stayed I would not be able to shake off the bad feeling left in my mouth.

OK before I say what happened let me back track. I know this place for years already and they do serve a mean brunch. But in that last years I found the luster I originally liked was starting to peel. The decor is super cool and they boast some of the coolest bathrooms in town. The staff is pretty to look at. Plates are pretty. BUT, and I am quoting Chef Deck here: “I feel like knocking out every waiter in that place for their lackadaisical attitudes”! I could not agree more.

And the menu it seems for non brunch times has turned into glorified fast food that is WAY OVERPRICED. Its a super snazzy expensive-to-print menu that is so over stuffed with unrelated articles you can’t even see the menu. Guess how many appetizers are on it?…1, only 1 appetizer.

These last 2 visits left me so unmoved as I went through the menu finding nothing tempting for ridiculous chi chi prices…for a hamburger, a salad, a plain pasta dish. The first dinner I did not pay so I said nothing. This time I chose the club sandwich but wanted to substitute the fries for salad. Nothing else tempted me.

And that is when the incident happened that left me practically speechless and appalled. I was told there was a $2 fee for getting a salad instead of fries. I made the waiter repeat himself. I could not believe my ears. Last time I checked shredded lettuce is cheaper then fried potatoes when you look at the ingredients, time of preparation and cooking method????? They want to charge people $2 for a healthy substitute for a club sandwich that is already $12. You have to be kidding me?????

The waiter said that is how is was, politely though, and he would gladly give me the number of the manager for me to call. I first agreed to getting the fries but I was so frazzled I asked my friend if we could go elsewhere. I know its not the biggest incident but it just really got to me. We got up, canceled our order and I asked for the manager’s number, nicely mind you.

So no I will not call him but I will send them this review and I am publishing his number (the resto’s number).  After all its the business contact for customer service, no? So I plead and encourage you to call and complain that the 2$ surcharge for LETTUCE be removed. I am not going back there again until they do. I was very disappointed in now blacklisting a past favorite resto.

L’Avenue Restaurant, Montreal
922, avenue du Mont-Royal Est
514-523-8780 to reach the manager

Hugs and Biscuits