With the weather tending towards the cold, we had the chance to taste a
little Romanian cuisine care of la Maison Rustik.

We had our staple dishes from eastern europe with salty sausages and
mixed meats. Some of our wiser members sampled romanian appetizers.
Myself I ordered the garlic snails, which were good but not
spectacular. The mixed meats dishes like the stew with a good polenta
look mouth-watering. I was happy with my choice, lamb chops, but I must
confess I would probably have liked to try the stew or the schnitzel
which looked very good.

Service was a mixed bag, which is not good. I can understand delays,
but not people being done with their meal while other people still have
not received theirs. On top of that, I did notice other tables getting
their food in the meantime although they were later arrivals. This is
evidence of a lack of organization in the kitchen.

Entertainment was on hand for the night. I had been a bit reluctant,
but it turned out ok. The singer tried to encourage participation by
choosing songs from all over the world. I even tried joining in for the
spanish medley. Old songs, but still classical. I know there will be
quite some pictures of this event.

All and all, I would say the balance is positive but I wouldn’t
recommend this for a very large group of people. Still, make it a few
people at least so you can join in when the singing starts and have a
few laughs. Food wise, try the specialties but make sure you keep a tab
in your head, it can add up pretty quick. Remember to bring your own
wine, they charge you for the mineral water.

Written by Agustin, assistant organizer of Cheap Ethnic Eatz