Hello everyone,

Well last week the Cheap Ethnic Eatz group had an outing at a Korean restaurant. I had wanted to do one for quite sometime and it finally happened. And we were in for a treat. First of all the food did not stop coming. Everyone had a lovely light salad followed by a miso soup. I had a appetizer which consisted of two meat fried dumplings with a delish dipping sauce.

Korean is know also for serving marinated veggies before hand, the most famous being Kimchi, a traditional fermented dish made of seasoned vegetables.

Everyone seemed very happy with there meal, don’t ask me what the names where. I personally had the eel. It was served in a massive granite like bowl that was super hot and sizzling. The rice on the bottom was nice as it formed a crust from the heat. What I did not like was the one type of seaweed I cannot stand served on the side. Its bright green and fibrous and weird tasting.

Some had the Korean BBQ, raw fish meals, black bean drowsed meats, seafood platers. We were stuffed. But apparently not stuffed enough because 13 out of the 18 people at the restaurant followed for ice cream at the newest Bilboquet location in Westmount…on a cool night. You guys are too funny and fabulous.

There are a few Korean restaurants in Montreal but La Maison de Seoul (5030 Sherbrooke W. 514-489-3686) came highly recommended by a Korean group member. It is BBYO (sorry guys I did not know before). I have to say, and I have been to many ethnic restos, that Korean still remains very exotic and very different from what we normally eat. This is for the adventurous..but you will be highly rewarded.

Hugs and Biscuits,