Kiva - loans that change lives

Its soon holiday season and we are all going to be running around getting ready to cook, shop and celebrate. Make sure to come to our Holiday dinner at Atti

But we do not always think of giving to those in need. Last year I started a fund at Kiva under the name of Cheap Ethnic Eatz.

Ever here the saying: Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat every day?. Well this is the idea here. Third world poor entrepreneurs apply for loans with Kiva so they can start a business. Loans are paid back 98.5% of the time. Most of the entrepreneurs are food oriented. Yes, these are loans. So once the money gets paid back we can just reinvest it in a new applicant. I have gotten a lot of repaid loans this year and just kept reinvesting in someone else.

You can give anything you want, even just a 1$. Every bit will help. So how to give me the money? For every dinner we have between now and Christmas no fees are charged for the events but donations for Kiva will be accepted. Or you can send me a donation through Paypal at Please write Kiva in the remark box. Sorry I can’t give income tax receipts.

WIN A PRIZE: Yep I am sweetening the pot this year! Everyone who donates will have their name entered in a draw.

1st prize: 1 free place for the member to every event hosted by Cheap Ethnic Eatz in 2010 even if the event is full

2nd prize: a copy of the brand new book Macaron!…the first Québecois book published for this very trendy…donated by the authors who own La Maison du Macaron

rules: applicable to the actual member only who is in good standing, must advise min 24hrs before the event, non-transferable, no $$ value, no show policy is applicable

Its truly the gift that keeps on giving!
Thank you for your generosity