This last event was just simply one of the best events we ever had. And in the last place you would expect. You could walk by this place and not even notice it. The restaurant is unassuming and simple in presentation. But once you do decide to go in you soon realize this actually adds to the experience. The effort are placed only where it needs: the food and the service.

A group of 19 dinners came to this event. There were 19 chairs in the restaurant. We had the place to ourselves, usually a sign of a great evening right of the bat from past experiences. We were greeted by Valerie, the owner. I had the pleasure to meet her a couple of times before. She is a cheery delight and welcomed us like family. Valerie also did one thing I have never witnessed before at a dinner outing. By the time we left she new all 19 of us by first our name.

We started off with appetizers. We had a sampling of every appetizers on the menu. Also everyone ordered 1 of the 3 unusual drinks (non-alcoholic) offered. You’ll have to forgive me I remember none of their names. Main dishes consisted of rotis filled withe either goat, chicken, beef, pumpkin, and shrimp. Other dishes were included duck and fish curries, and a chicken stew similar to jerk chicken. Everything, and I mean everything, is made from scratch, a lot made by Valerie’s mom in her home. Even the bread used for rotis. Her mom even made us homemade coconut ice cream and a coconut cake. The sweetbread cake is divine too.

Everyone had a blast. We laughed so hard and chatted the night away. And talk about cheap too. The prices fit any budget. Let me share some of the reviews fellow dinners wrote:

Mary: What a nite in Trinidad! A really fun and memorable evening and a homey place to return. Valerie was informative about our feast and the perfect hostess. Dining was a savory experience from my Ginger beer, to the split pea pastry entrees and varied sauces, to the piece de resistance, curried goat…oh so delicious, and finally the pone, moist and raisin sweet. Mmmmmm! The group was upbeat and positive, testing and teasing. You guys are great!

Sylvana: I loved the food. The spices were just right. Valerie made me feel as if I was a guest at her home. Good food, good company, attentive service and inexpensive. All-around great time.

Petra: Amazing food – the appetizers, the roti, the dessert, the spices…. hmmm! Wonderful atmosphere – Valerie made us all feel welcome, and having the restaurant to ourselves was really special. Great company – interesting people, enjoyable conversation, lots of laughter!

Rosemary: I had a wonderful time, surrounded by tasty food and joyous laughter. I would certainly come back here. Thank you!

Bernard: Delicious food. Just the right amount of spices and hot sauces to warm the heart and soul on a chilly evening. Hats off to Valerie and her family for a wonderful evening. As always, some great conversation with friends and newcomers.

Rebecca: What an Experience! A drink made from the bark of a tree; a variety of pasties with hot sauce and mango chutney for starters; curried kingfish with pumpkin. The host and hostess were so welcoming I felt as though I was dining in their home.

What are you waiting for? Go to this place, you will be enchanted and become a regular customer!

Hugs and Biscuits,

5914 Sherbrooke W