So its a lazy Sunday morning and I am doing some totally random net surfing. I fell on a site I thought would be food related called Cafe Press but it turns out it was a custom tshirts website, not what I expected at all. Or was it?

Well it certainly made me laugh in the end so I thought I would share. The actually have a food tshirt section with some pretty funny tshirts I think any foodie would appreciate. There actually a lot of sub categories. And its not just tshirts, there are also cooking aprons (could be a great gift idea), magnets and mugs. Check some of them out.

Aren’t those cute? You can even make your own tshirt. Maybe I should start selling Cheap Ethnic Eatz t-shirts and mugs he he. If things go well with that I can learn How to Make Your Own T-Shirts and have a side business…..yes another one as if 3 side business’ is not enough already. Not enough hours in a day I tell you.