My friend Aurora sent me this link. Wow, only in NYC! See the new invention Hydrantables & Lunch Shelves…a make shift table setting environment for street food eaters! The concept is the brainchild of Pop Up Lunch. It is not a marketed prduct (yet) but a blog by a mysterious NYC inventor documenting her ideas and testing them out on this blog.

The first test is the magnetic lunch shelf. Just stick on your neerest lamp post and you can place your food on the shelf.


Next is the clever Hydrantable. Yep turn your fire hydrant into a table. This wood plank has a center cut out the size of the hydrant’s top nut (n o its not a pervert comment) and thing below to stabilize it flat.


The next project in development: The Hammock Bag…TBC

Well if we keep thing along the line of Cheap (as in Cheap Ethnic Eatz ;-)) well this idea gets a total 2 thumbs up.