I was flipping through old pics….yes the paper kind before digital cameras….of a trip I took down in New Orleans. Oh my what good food I had there. So many things to bombard the five senses: great flavorful food, the smell of alcohol on Bourbon lol, the colorful display in souvenir shops…and more. I particularly linger over the pictures of hot sauce display cases in the souvenir shops. I have never seen anything like it. Hundreds of different hot sauces with catchy insane names.

I bought one bottle and I am nearing the bottom of it. So off on the net I went searching for a great place to buy some more…and how to choose it. First question you have to ask yourself is how hot do you like it? Hot Sauce Planet has a great list of their Top 10 Hottest hot sauces.Fun to read but maybe a little too much heat for me lol. I think I will stick with a search in the categories of sauces they sellpage to find something more to my palate. Check them out, they have lots of other stuff to like condiments, BBQ sauces and mustards.